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Plaster Mouldings

A brief history of plaster mouldings

various plaster mouldings on a workbenchDecorative plaster mouldings originate from the Classical Order, one of the ancient styles of architecture. Each possesses its unique profiles, proportions and details.

Plaster mouldings give form and shape and help bring definition to the spaces and objects they are used within.

Before the Victorian era, decorative plaster mouldings were created on site using only fingers on wet plaster. These mouldings contained heraldic or naturalistic images along with repetitive motifs which were cast separately and applied later on.

Here at Exquisite we use local skilled craftsman that are able to reproduce and restore beautiful decorative plaster mouldings of the past and we also manufacture a vast range of our own off the shelf designs that are manufactured right here in Nottingham in our own on site workshop. Including cornice, coving, ceiling roses, dado rail, panel moulding, corbels, plaques and much more.

Some of our decorative plaster moulding restoration projects over the years include restoring plaster mouldings for Nottingham city council in the council house also including many historic buildings around Nottinghamshire including, Clifton Hall, Bunny Hall, Stamford Hall and Nottingham train station to name a few we have also worked for many national building companies.

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